Saturday, 15 September 2012

We Suppose He Became a Doctor When He Became a Dean

To the Cathedral this afternoon for the installation of Dr Wilcox as the new Dean. All seemed to go well, except for a slight stumble over the name of the current monarch, which perhaps indicates that the Dean is a true believer. We look forward, then, to his long silken waistcoats, his adherence to the rubric, and the elegant philosophy of his sermons. The last, at any rate, was in evidence.

Readers who are keeping score will note that Dr Wilcox went to the right college, but that he has no connexion (as far as we know) with the Diocese of York. If he had that advantage perhaps he would not have settled for a deanery. His loyalties are, however, east of the Pennines, as he was unwise enough to concede from the pulpit. Whether this was brave or foolhardy will be settled on Monday evening.
The Dean's lady is also noteworthy; a writer, she blogs at Readers who are lovers of ecclesiastical whimsy (and we have no others) will particularly enjoy Fifty Shades of Purple, starting here. Slopian readers easily shocked should not click the link. It's Mrs Bold indeed.

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