Sunday, 19 August 2012

Enoch Was Right

...who was translated, so that he should not see death:
he was not found; for he had this testimony, that he had pleased God.  
Hebrews 11:5

You didn't think I was thinking of someone else, did you? You didn't really suppose I was going down that road? Well, perhaps another day.

Instead, here is a lovely uncontroversial poem, with H/T to England Expects for the text:

XXXII) Matri Ecclesiae
Though nevermore thy face I’ll see,
Kind mother, though no more to thee
Shall e’er return my wayward feet,
Yet still across the widening years
Thy well-known accents echo sweet,
As sweet they fall upon my ears
As sound of bells across a lake,
Or children’s voices in the choir;
And in my breast they ever wake
The echo of an old desire .
For though it would not, yet my heart
Confesses, Mother, who thou art.

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